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F. A. Bernhardt GmbH FT-SPORTS 2

Skrivet av superadmin ons, 2011-09-21 09:30
Sports Calculator

F. A. Bernhardt GmbH Sports Calculator

FAB Sports Calculator is a Windows programs that manages a database of sport
league results and automatically calculates the table that is calculated from the
results of one season.
The program displays three screens:

F. A. Bernhardt GmbH FT-TVGUIDE 1

Skrivet av superadmin ons, 2011-09-21 09:26
TV-Guide Editor

F. A. Bernhardt GmbH TV-Guide Editor

FAB TV-Guide Editor manages a TV programme database for up to 50 TV channels.
It allows very easy entering of TV programme listings and automatic generation of
teletext pages out of the database.

The TV-Guide editor is a proven solution that may save up to 90% of time that is
required for generation of TV Programme teletext pages in a regular way.

F. A. Bernhardt GmbH FT-HILEVEL 2.5

Skrivet av superadmin ons, 2011-09-21 09:23
Teletext - Hi-Level Editor

F. A. Bernhardt GmbH Teletext - Hi-Level Editor

FAB HiLevel Teletext Editor for Windows is a major part of a Level 2.5 Teletext System.
It allows visual development of Level 2.5 layouts and import of graphics from the Internet.

Teletext Level 2.5 is backwards compatible with Teletext Level 1 and Level 1.5.

The Teletext Level 2.5 specification defines following elements as parts
of a level 2.5 layout:

F. A. Bernhardt GmbH Teletext Network Controller

Skrivet av superadmin ons, 2011-09-21 09:14
Teletext - Basic Products

 F. A. Bernhardt GmbH Teletext - Basic Products

FAB Teletext Network Controller is a Windows NT/2000/7 based database for
teletext pages.

It is an ideal extension for customers that are already using one or more
FAB Teletext Data Generators because the database contains a number
of open interfaces that are not available in the Teletext Data Generator.