360 Systems Broadcast MAXX 1200 HD

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360 Systems Broadcast

360 Systems Broadcast New MAXX-1200 HD Server for Broadcast and Pro AV

MAXX-1200 plays three high-definition video streams at once, while ingesting another via Ethernet. It also serves as a graphics store, with linked key-and-fill capabilities. Standard features include SDI video I/O (with frame synchronization) for recording wild sources like tape, camera or satellite feeds. Eight channels of embedded audio and two channels of +4 analog audio are provided for each video stream. For surround, audio is easily expanded to a total of 24 channels.

• 3 HD-SDI playout channels
• 1 HD-SDI input channel
• 70 hours internal program storage
• Slow-motion playback, forward/reverse
• Tools for playlisting, precise trimming, and segmenting
• Remote workstation software
• Full-featured Graphic User Interface
• File import/export on Gigabit Ethernet
• 8 channel embedded audio
• 2 analog outputs per video channel
• 24-channel analog or digital audio (option)
• 3-channel HDMI output (option)
• Key-and-Fill playout
• Fault-tolerant RAID protection of stored program content; front drive access
• The Industry Leader in price and performance

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