360 Systems Broadcast MAXX 2400 HD

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360 Systems Broadcast

360 Systems Broadcast 360 Systems MAXX-2400 HD Broadcast Server

360 Systems' new High Definition MAXX 2400 sets a new standard for performance among HD broadcast servers. Now, get four video outputs, two inputs, twelve Terabytes of storage, and a broad set of server tools in an attractively priced package.

• Two record channels
• Four HD-SDI outputs with SD monitoring
• Double fault-tolerant RAID-6 protection of stored content
• 250 hours of storage @ 80 Mb/sec
• Redundant power and cooling
• Includes trimming, segmenting, and playlisting tools, plus As-Run logs
• Remote workstation software
• Slow-motion forward and reverse
• File import/export on Gigabit Ethernet
• All audio formats: Embedded audio, +4 analog, and AES/EBU digital
• 8 audio channels per video stream
• Full-featured Graphic User Interface
• Hot-swap drives with easy access
• Industry leader in price and performance

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