360 Systems Broadcast MAXX-6T

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360 Systems Broadcast

360 Systems Broadcast Broadcast Server

The MAXX 6T's extensive hardware features and software tools make it a smooth upgrade path for tape-based stations. It operates with every automation system, and is ideally suited as a play-to-air server, as a cache for satellite ingest, for graphics storage, in weather systems, remote trucks, and for extra channels in DTV broadcast.

Operationally, MAXX 6T functions as a video recorder, 3-channel playout server, and as a graphics store with key-and-fill. Standard features include composite and SDI video ports, a frame synchronizer for recording satellite feeds and other "wild" sources, and a complete set of audio formats including AES/EBU digital, +4 balanced analog, and SDI-embedded audio. A break-out box with XLR connectors makes MAXX a drop-in fit at existing facilities.

• Reliable RAID-6 protection of stored program material
• Over 700 hours of storage at 12 Mb/sec
• Redundant power supplies, dual AC mains
• Redundant cooling
• Hot-swap drives with front access
• File import & export over Gigabit Ethernet
• Includes DV video, TARGA graphics, Advanced Playlisting, As-Run logs
• Workstation software creates remote stations for ingest, edit, playlisting and playout
• One Input with frame sync, 3 outputs
• SDI & Composite video, +4 analog, AES/EBU digital, and embedded audio.4 audio channels per video channel
• Fast search functions, tree-format directory
• Industry price leader

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