ADC The Broadband Company VI-124-1394

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ADC The Broadband Company 24-Port
FireWire Patch Panel

ADC’s IEEE 1349a Firewire patch for broadcast connectivity accommodates 12 or 24 ports in one rack unit and mounts in standard 19-inch racks. The panel offers a passive interconnection solution for digital video editing needs. Industry-compatible six-pin IEEE 1394a connectors on both the front and rear of the panel allow the interconnection of cameras, servers, workstations, and non-linear editing suites via FireWire at 400 Mb/s bandwidth.

• IEEE 1394a compatible six-pin connectors
• 400 Mb/s bandwidth
• High-density 12 or 24 ports in one rack unit
• Plated panel housing to facilitate superior shielding and grounding
• Designation and port numbering

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