ADTEC Digital DPI-1200

Skrivet av superadmin mån, 2011-09-12 10:39

Digital Digital Into Transport Ad Server

Designed to concurrently insert up to twelve MPEG2 or AVC programs into a
digital cable or television service, the DPI-1200 Ad Server offers the absolute
highest transport standards required for broadcasting.

From local storage or network attached storage, the DPI-1200 imports programs
to its core, processes and multiplexes them in preparation for their delivery via
ASI output to a single or multiple ad splicers.

The DPI-1200 seamlessly interfaces with Adtec's adVantage Enterprise
Management Solution allowing it to operate with the industry leading Duet Ad Inserter.

The DPI-1200 and Duet work together to provide analog and digital tier ad insertion
and interoperate with ad insertion systems from C-COR and SeaChange.

Combine the ad server with Adtec’s mediaHUB-HD Pro Media Ingest Station to
seamlessly bridge the transition from analog and SDI digital insertion to DPI.

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