ADTEC Digital Edje 5110-RM

Skrivet av superadmin mån, 2011-09-12 10:27

Digital Broadcast Quality MPEG2 Encoder

The edje 5110-RM is a high performance MPEG 2 Standard Definition encoder
supporting the most demanding distribution applications and can easily be
upgraded to support encrypted or free to air SD 4:2:2 contribution platforms.

It's video performance is exceptional, ranging from the lowest 4:2:0 distribution
rates all the up to 50 Mbs 4:2:2 for contribution.

Offering dual stream on-board audio encoding, the edje-5110 audio CODEC
support includes dual Dolby Digital and MPEG 1 Layer 2 encoding plus rock
solid dual channel Dolby E/5.1 passthrough.

Optional 4:2:2 and BISS 1/E encryption software upgrades make the
edje-5110-RM the perfect SD Contribution encoder.

User interfaces include an easy-to-use front panel interface and on-board Web
application server for configuration and monitoring.

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