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Broadcast Pix


Broadcast Pix Slate Desktop
Integrated Video Production System

Desktop Control is the most intuitive way to create compelling live video.
It makes switching easy, whether you use a mouse, or add a surprising
affordable touch-screen.  All of Slate's power is accessible, and Slate
Desktop is easy on your budget.

Mix-and-match Video I/O
Slate comes with one I/O card, and a second one can be added
as an option. Each I/O card has 4 inputs and 1 output. There
are three kinds of I/O cards: SD/SDI, analog (which provides
composite, Y/C and component on each input), and HD/SDI.
Two cards may be used in any combination. In addition, Slate
has 3 more outputs, 2 SD SDI and 1 analog. So with two cards
the system totals 8 inputs and 5 outputs. Each input has a builtin
frame synchronizer. And HD models can add DVI I/O as well.
Great Switcher + Clips + CG + More
The switcher combines up to 8 video inputs with 2 channels
of clips and animations and 5 channels of graphics. 3 Keys are
standard, and 3 more are optional, and each has a built-in DVE.
One key can be filed with an external device, and all can be filled
with internal devices. They support chromakeys for a virtual set
and lumakeys. Multiple DVEs enable double, triple or even a
quad box. And there’s audio output for the clip and animation
stores. The Clip Store can hold hours of clips and animations.
The CG is from Harris. There is the full complement of Fluent
workflow tools, including the Fluent-View display, Fluent Macros,
and Fluent Watch-Folders. It can also control a ViewCast
Internet streaming device, and an AJA Ki Pro recorder.
Great Live Events with Low Constant Delay
Enjoy low and constant 1 frame of delay end-to-end in SD and
3 frames in HD, including PiP, effects, layers, format and aspect
conversion, adding clips and graphics.


Slate Options
• Second I/O board of SD-SDI, Analog or HD/SDI
• 1 M/E control panels: 500 and 1000
• Tally Box
• DVI I/O (requires HD option board)
• Quad monitor: to spread Fluent-View across up to 4 monitors
• Premium workstation with redundant power
• Expanded clip storage
• PowerAux output
• Fluent Rapid CG: to link to a database, RSS or action buttons
• Control robotic cameras: Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, Telemetrics
• Control MIDI audio mixers from Yamaha and others
• Control servers from 360 system, Harris, Omneon
• Upgrade the 500 panel’s joystick from 2D to 3D
• Custom keyboard for Desktop control surface
• Expand from 3 to 6 keyers

Custom Keyboard

iPixPanel and iPixPad Remote

Fluent View