Broadcast Traffic System Enterprise

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Broadcast Traffic

Broadcast Traffic System Broadcast Traffic System

BTS Enterprise is a scalable application that can be tailored for both small and large broadcasters and is suitable for all types of operations including terrestrial along with multi-channel cable and satellite. The product contains all of the features needed to manage a traffic scheduling and advertising sales operation. The application is modular and as a consequence it is possible to purchase only those modules that are required.

The system can be tailored to operate in a range of different environments with support for multi-channel operation and multi-currency transactions. The user input screens can be translated into most languages so providing a true multi-language application.

We provide scheduling and traffic routines that can interface with all leading automation systems such as Pebble Beach, Sony, Harris, Omnibus, and Seachange to form part of an integrated broadcast environment.

User maintained libraries of commercials and promotions are used to create frame accurate transmission schedules. Our comprehensive asset management routines include programme amortisation updated automatically from as-run logs. Control of media movements is achieved through the use of integrated bar-code printing and reading, media can also be linked to playout equipment to control the media ingest process.

A key element of this product is our ability to tailor the software to meet individual requirements to ensure that the user receives a solution - not just a product.

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