Broadcast Traffic System Hosted

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Broadcast Traffic

Broadcast Traffic System Broadcast Traffic System

Let BTS take the strain.

Let BTS run your application on its own servers, all that is needed is a high speed Internet connection, BTS provide the processing capacity, stand-by computers and carry out housekeeping routines such as data backups.

Typically used for organisations that are attracted to the BTS Express product, this solution is ideal for a small organisation that does not have any dedicated IT staff and are concerned about the management of a computer facility whole process from order to implementation can be completed within weeks.

Hosted Applications
BTS recommends a hosted solution in the following situations:

Outsourced IT - a fixed cost, subscription based traffic system that requires very little customer management.

Disaster recovery - an off site, "hot backup" solution.

Immediate startup - systems at the customers site have not yet been completed but work must continue.