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Skrivet av superadmin mån, 2011-09-12 09:02

Canon Broadcast Equipment Remote Control HDTV/ SDTV Lenses

With the introduction of High Definition Technology into compact box type cameras, the requirements from the market of the image production for the television broadcast, and surveillance markets for high performance remote control lenses has dramatically increased. In response, Canon proudly introduces 8 remote control lenses that set new standards for quality, as an addition to our current line. The lenses feature Canon’s SDTV and HDTV advanced technology developed over our long history producing the world’s best lenses. All 8 lenses, consisting of 3 SDTV lenses and 5 HDTV lenses, offer exceptional optical performance, while providing the same control interface used by our existing remote control pro-video lenses. This will enable the lens to be perfectly compatible with existing provideo and broadcast pan-tilt systems.

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