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Compact Multiformat Signal Analyzer


The Videotek® CVM-306 multiformat signal analyzer boasts
integrated video and audio signal monitoring in an affordable,
compact package. With a robust feature set and space-saving
design, the CVM-306 allows even the most modest installation
to benefit from high-end monitoring and a professional look.
Three versions of the CVM-306 are available: SD, HD/SD and
3G/HD/SD. Both the SD and HD/SD versions are upgradeable
to 3 Gb/s. All three units possess two SDI inputs, and
selectable waveform, vector, gamut, timing and full-screen
picture display. You can meter all 16 channels of embedded
audio or the one AES input, with integrated speakers that
can monitor any two selected channels. You can also
customize the integrated LCD display with independent sizing
and positioning of waveform, vector and picture,
or select from the following quad displays:
  • Waveform or timing
  • Vector or gamut
  • Audio, alarm pane or alarm status
  • Picture
The 3RU CVM-306 chassis is less than seven inches deep
and integrates easily with today’s consoles. An 11-17 VDC
power input comes standard, and low power consumption
allows the use of convection cooling for silent operation.