Down Mix

Skrivet av fre, 2013-09-20 12:46
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The DTS Neural Surround™ DownMix provides a process for taking
a 5.1 mix and creating a stereo mix. This is called a LtRt watermarked
signal and is backwards-compatible with Dolby® ProLogic® II.
The stereo mix can be monitored, mixed, stored, edited and played back
using a stereo audio infrastructure.

DTS Neural Surround™ DownMix enables the transport of 5.1 surround
sound through any stereo infrastructure. The process is based on the
principle that both natural stereo and 5.1 content are two-dimensional;
both contain width and depth spatial attributes. The DownMix can
represent six channels of discrete audio sources in a stereo downmix
by transforming the source positions into pure intensity and coherence.