Evertz 3405FR-BNC

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Evertz Fiber Optic SFP BNC Frame

The Evertz® 3405FR-BNC SFP frame is the ideal solution for today's low cost, high density fiber optic distribution needs. The 3405FR-BNC provides the flexibility to handle the high-speed requirements of 3G and HDTV as well as SD-SDI, SDTi, and DVB-ASI.

All components are hot swappable through the front of the frame including SFPs, frame controllers, multiplexers, and power converters. This ensures the unit can be fully serviceable in the field without having to be de-cabled or removed from the customer's rack.

The 3405FR-BNC is a 1RU frame designed to house up to 16 Evertz® SFP modules. This provides up to 32 EO or 32 OE in a single rack unit of space. The frame can be configured for a mixture of modules. See SFP options above.

The 3405FR-BNC can be powered by external power bricks or with the 3405PS-6. The 3405PS-6 can power up to 6 x 3405FR-BNC frames with primary & secondary power.

The 3405FR-BNC is VistaLINK® -capable with support for primary and secondary frame controller.

The 3405FR-BNC frame comes with a 3405FAN fan module and 2 x 3405PST power trays. SFPs, frame controllers, power supplies and MUX/DEMUX modules must be ordered separately.

  • Dual Power supplies (primary and redundant) and conversion trays (front extractable)
  • Houses up to 16 front loading Evertz® SFP modules
  • Each slot can be used as an input or output based on SFP type
  • Dual primary & secondary 3405FC Frame Controllers for full VistaLINK® SNMP control and monitoring
  • No electrical re-cabling required when hot swapping SFP modules
  • Power options include external 12V power supply bricks or 1RU power supply tray which will power up to 6 x 3405FR-BNC units with redundancy
  • Optional bi-directional single or dual Mux/Demux of up to 16 wavelengths in the 1270nm to 1610nm spectrum (ITU-T G.694.2 compliant)
  • MTP to LC/UPC fanout cable for convenient fiber connection from Evertz SFPs to Mux/Demux modules

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