Evertz 3480DEC18-MP2SD-ASI18A

Skrivet av superadmin mån, 2011-09-12 11:10

Evertz High Density MPEG-2 SD Decoder

As broadcasters, cable companies, satellite providers and IPTV companies are moving to a all digital domain, all distribution is done in the compressed domain. These service providers have a need for a bulk, easy to use, cost effective pro video decoder.

The 3480DEC18-MP2SD-ASI18A is a professional high quality bulk high density MPEG-2 SD decoder. It offers high end SD decoding of a signal coming from ASI input.

The 3480DEC18-MP2SD-ASI18A can reconstruct in the most flexible way all VANC & HANC data in the SDI outputs.

The 3480DEC18-MP2SD-ASI18A offers following options:

  • Dolby AC-3™ decode
  • AVM18 (Audio Video Monitoring)
  • VP18 (Audio Video Level Adjustment)
  • IG18 (Intelligain™ Lite Automatic audio level management)
  • SL (Slate overlay)

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