Evertz 5010, 5010-VITC, 5010-VITC-24Fps & 5010-24Fps

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Evertz Time code Generator/Reader with Character Inserter

The 5010 is a full function Time code Generator and full speed Reader. A Video Character Generator with high resolution characters and on-screen programming menu is standard. The 5010 has the features to provide you with the power and flexibility to meet your most difficult operational requirements.

The 5010-VITC is a Time Code
Generator/Reader/Character Inserter for both Longitudinal and Vertical Interval Time code.

The 5010-24Fps and 5010-VITC-24Fps are special purpose time code generators designed to work with the 23.98Fps time code commonly in use with the high definition 1080p/24 video format.

• Generates Time code in accordance with SMPTE 12M-1 locked to NTSC or PAL video or free run on internal crystal oscillator
• High resolution Character Inserter, with three Character sizes: 8,16 and 32 lines, time and user bits separately positionable on raster
• Reads LTC from 1/30th to 70x play speed
• Well proven input circuitry design permits reliable recovery of even severely distorted code
• Momentary or continuous Jam-sync modes
• Time and user bits are presettable from the front panel
• RS-232 serial port permits interfacing to computers
• 25Fps ⇔ 29.97Fps drop frame time code translator mode
• Parallel control of commonly used functions
• User bit Transfer from Reader Time or User bits
• On-screen programming menu
• Date/Time Zone may be encoded into user bits according to SMPTE 309M
• Generates and reads universal co-ordinated time (UTC) or local time in time/date mode
• Automatic daylight saving time adjustment in time/date mode
• 2 General purpose outputs can be assigned to several output modes

Additional Features of the 5010-VITC
• Vertical Interval Time code Generator and Reader
• Separate genlock and PGM video inputs
• Set VITC Generator Line numbers from the front panel
• Translates LTC to VITC or VITC to LTC
• Reads VITC over the full shuttle range of most VTR's
• Selectable reader line range
• Optional Bypass relay on VITC Generator

Additional Features of the 5010-24Fps
• Genlocks to 23.98 'slow PAL' or NTSC
• 23.98 Fps ⇔ 29.97 Fps time code translator code
• Momentary or continuous Jam-sync modes
• Locks to 6Hz reference in 24Fps mode