Evertz 5010-GPSII & 5010-VITC-GPSII

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Evertz Time code Generator/Reader with Character Inserter, and GPS Antenna

The Evertz 5010-GPSII Time Code Master combines the features of our standard 5010 timecode generator with the ability to produce GPS referenced SMPTE/EBU time code anywhere on the face of the globe. The GPS (Global Positioning System) technology provides the 5010-GPSII Time Code Master with an accurate source of time reference. The system is ideally suited for OB or mobile operations and any professional television broadcast applications where accurate time references are a must.

The 5010-GPSII system may be programmed to request a time reference from the GPS receiver automatically, daily, or on demand. The 5010-GPSII can be ordered in two configurations. Model 5010-GPSII is an LTC Generator, Reader, Character Inserter with Accutime GPS receiver. Model 5010-VITC-GPSII comes complete with Vertical Interval Time Code capability.

• Generates Time code in accordance with SMPTE 12M-1 locked to NTSC or PAL video
• Can be operated as standard time code generator/reader or as a GPS referenced time code master
• Date/Time Zone encoded into user bits according to SMPTE 309M
• Automatic daylight saving time adjustment in time/date mode
• High resolution Character Inserter, with three Character sizes, 8, 16 and 32 lines, time and user bits separately positionable on raster
• Reads LTC from 1/30th to 70x play speed. Well proven input circuitry design permits reliable recovery of even severely distorted code
• Momentary or continuous Jam-sync modes
• Time and user bits are presettable from the front panel
• Parallel control of commonly used functions
• User bit Transfer from Reader Time or User bits
• On-screen programming menu
• GPS receiver, 50ft of cable (optional 100 & 400 ft. cables for longer receiver distances)
• Ideal for OB or Mobile applications
• Easy mounting and installation
• 2 General purpose outputs can be assigned to several output modes
• Tally output on loss of lock to GPS receiver

Additional features of the 5010-GPSII-VITC
• Vertical Interval Time code Generator and Reader
• Separate genlock and PGM video inputs
• Set VITC Generator Line numbers from the front panel
• Translates LTC to VITC or VITC to LTC
• Reads VITC over the full shuttle range of most VTR's
• Selectable reader line range
• Optional bypass relay