Evertz 5150

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Evertz Analog Afterburner

The 5150 Afterburner is a full featured Analog VITC and LTC Time Code Reader, VITC to LTC Translator with a full function Character Inserter. The Afterburner reads SMPTE RP201 3-line VITC and displays field accurate video and audio timecodes as well as KeyKode and 3:2 pulldown on material transferred from film.

The unit can be configured to read LTC or VITC or can operate in an automatic switchover mode. The high speed reader in the 5150 employs sophisticated input conditioning and clock/data separator circuits to reliably recover LTC over the full shuttle spread and wind speed of most VTRs and ATRs.

• Reads LTC from 1/30th to 70x play speed
• Full speed VITC Reader with line select
• High resolution Character Inserter, with three character sizes: 8, 16 and 32 lines, time and user bits separately positionable on screen
• Dual Standard (NTSC and PAL)
• On-screen programming menu
• VITC to LTC Translator
• LTC reshaper/regenerator
• 16 digit alpha-numeric display
• Decodes 3:2 pulldown from RP201 3-line VITC
• Displays video and audio timecode and keycode encoded by Evertz film footage encoders