Evertz 5300

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Evertz Time Code Analyzer

The Model 5300 LTC/VITC Time Code Analyzer combines the latest LSI technology with sophisticated microcontroller firmware to provide a powerful, flexible time code analyzer system. The model 5300, a LTC/VITC reader / analyzer and multi-function character inserter is an invaluable verification and troubleshooting tool for the Video, Audio and Film Post Production industries. Its power and flexibility are unsurpassed in time code analyzer applications. A 16 digit alphanumeric display can be quickly delegated to show the required data. The Time Code Analyzer contains an LTC and VITC reader that can be operated independent of each other, or can be linked to form an auto LTC/VITC reader.

• Detects timecode counting sequence errors
• Detects color framing sequence errors with respect to a reference video input. Detects changes in the status of the color frame input (changing phase, or color/non color changes etc.)
• Detects Time code dropouts and has a user definable dropout length
• Compares LTC and VITC numbers and reports differences between them
• Displays on screen reports of Time code problems
• Audible alarm plus a contact closure to drive an external alarm
• User definable thresholds for most alarm conditions
• Error messages available on RS-232 port for computer logging and Time code verification
• On screen programming and front panel menus
• Dual standard PAL and NTSC
• Detects LTC phase problems with respect to video sync
• High resolution character inserter with three character sizes: 8, 16 and 32 lines, time and user bits separately positionable on screen
• VITC to LTC translator
• Regenerates incoming LTC to correct LTC phase problems