Evertz 5950

Skrivet av superadmin tis, 2011-09-20 09:10

Evertz VITC/LTC Time code Reader and Character Inserter

The Model 5950 is a VITC and LTC Time code Reader, VITC to LTC Translator and full function Character Inserter with on-screen programming menu. The unit has a 16 digit alpha-numeric display that can be used for displaying Time code, user bits, or operational messages. The 5950 reads SMPTE Drop or Non-Drop Frame or EBU Time code.

The high speed LTC reader in the 5950 employs sophisticated input conditioning and clock/data separator circuits to reliably recover LTC over the full shuttle and wind speed range of most VTRs and ATRs.

The VITC reader employs advanced video processing and data extraction circuitry in combination with intelligent firmware algorithms to accurately decode multi-generation Time code, even off low end VHS machines. Finely tuned phase locked loop circuits allow the 5950 to recover VITC over the full shuttle range of most VTRs.

The unit can be configured to read either LTC or VITC or can operate in an automatic switchover mode. The 5950 automatically selects valid code from either source and provides accurate Time code reading from still to over 70x play speed.

The high resolution Character Inserter can display Time code, User bits, or both. 3 Character sizes: 8, 16, and 32 lines are available. The Characters can be white with or without a black background, or black with or without a white background. The windows are separately positionable on the raster and can be pushed all the way up into the Vertical Interval if desired.

• Reads LTC from 1/30th to 70x play speed
• Full speed VITC Reader with line select
• Automatic LTC/VITC switchover mode
• High resolution Character Inserter, with three character sizes: 8, 16 and 32 lines, time and user bits separately positionable on screen
• Dual Standard (NTSC and PAL)
• On-screen programming menu
• VITC to LTC Translator
• LTC regenerator
• 16 digit alpha-numeric display