Evertz 7700PCO

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Evertz Power Changeover Unit

The 7700PCO is a 1RU device designed to fit into a standard 19-inch rack. Special care was taken during the design process to ensure that the unit meets the demanding needs of professional video users and applications. It is intended to be used only with Evertz's line of 7700 Multiframes to provide reliable and high quality back-up power switching. This is ideal for remote applications where main power can be intermittent or where a program feed must be guaranteed at all times.

• Seamless, auto switching to external DC supply in case of AC failure
• Standard AC input cord
• Fused DC input on terminal block
• Direct output connection to 7700 frame power supplies
• Dual power outlets to 7700 frame
• Front panel status LED's

• 30 minutes operation on fully loaded 7700 frame (200 Watt) with dual Anton Bauer Hytron 100 batteries (requires quad battery holder), 60 minutes operation on 100 Watt load (7700 frame about half full dependant on card types)

• Operation times dependent upon type of battery used
Operation times will vary

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