Evertz 7710XUC-HD, 7710XUC-AES4-HD & 7710XUDC-AES4-HD

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Evertz HD Up / Down / Cross Converters (with Optional External AES)

The 7710XUC-HD and 7710XUC-AES4-HD High Definition Format Up/Down/Cross Converters are universal any format in and any format out conversion cards. These modules provide high quality up-conversion of your standard definition signals with noise reduction or high quality HD to HD cross-conversions. The modules also do high definition to standard definition down-conversion with detail enhancement and gamma correction. Evertz® proprietary noise reduction and detail enhancement technologies ensure superior image quality whether up-converting, cross converting or down-converting.

The 7710XUDC-AES4-HD High Definition Format Up/Down/Cross Converter is similar to the 7710XUC-HD but provides simultaneous cross and down-conversion. In the 7710XUDC-AES4-HD, SD video is provided on the SDI OUT BNC and HD video is provided on the PGM, PGM OUT/IN and OSD BNCs ensuring that SD and HD are always present no matter what input signal is applied. The 7710XUDC-AES4-HD series also have the added capability to read and write AFD data from the incoming video signal and onto the out-going video. Fully adaptive AFD (processing done in conjunction with VLPRO)

All the modules accept 2 groups of embedded audio on the input and re-embed them into the serial video outputs. The "-AES4" versions also accept 4 external discrete unbalanced AES inputs and provide 4 AES outputs with the same audio that is being embedded. In the case of the 7710XUDC-AES4-HD, the 4 AES outputs with the same audio are embedded on the output SD video signals, since they share one common audio processor. The 7710XUC-AES4-HD has a separate audio processor for the 4 AES outputs.

The re-embedded audio normally has the appropriate delay added to compensate for video delay incurred by the conversion process. An additional audio delay adjustment can also be made for lip sync correction. The units also transfer the closed caption and time code information from input to output performing all necessary HD to SD and SD to HD translation and time code recalculations.

• Any format in to any format out
• High quality HD to HD cross conversion
• High quality SD to HD upconversion with Noise Reduction

• High quality HD to SD downconversion (simultaneous cross and down conversion with 7710XUDC-AES4-HD)
• SD and HD simultaneously generated on 7710XUDC-AES4-HD (SD on SDI OUT BNC and HD on PGM, PGM OUT/IN, OSD BNCs)
• Reads and writes AFD codes from incoming video and on outgoing video (7710XUDC), Fully adaptive AFD processing using VLPRO
• Image Enhancement for HD and SD
• Supports standard aspect ratio conversions plus all user definable
• Support all necessary color space conversions (ITU rec. 601 to ITU rec. 709) and SMPTE 240M (for 1035i)
• Full video processing functions: RGB gain, YCrCb gain and offset, hue adjustment, RGB gamma correction, and RGB color limited
• Reference input allows for phasing of output video
• Supports video output referenced to genlock with variable delay
• Minimum delay or variable delay for video output without reference
• Output on screen display (OSD) for configuration
• De-embeds Audio from video input and embeds into video output (2 groups)
• Supports external 4 AES inputs and outputs (-AES4 versions)
• Moves VITC time code and Line 21 captions from the SD video into the HD video ancillary data
• Moves RP-188 VITC and LTC from HD input to HD output, recalculated for frame rate changes
• Moves HD closed captions from HD input to HD output

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