Evertz 7767VIP4-HSN & 7767VIP4-SN

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Evertz VIP™ Four Input Video Monitoring and Display

Building on the popularity of the MVP® series, Evertz's new 7767VIP4 signal monitoring module simultaneously accepts, auto-detects, analyzes and displays four synchronous or asynchronous HD/SD/Analog video signals. An additional fifth input is a computer graphic input for display of a dynamic background image. Ultimately displaying up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution, the 7767VIP4 module fits conveniently into Evertz's universally installed 7800FR frame and provides a cost-effective and space-efficient signal monitoring and display solution.

Video Inputs
• Up to four auto-sensing HD/SD/NTSC/PAL inputs (same BNC)
• Accepts either 4:3 or 16:9
• Auto-detects 525/625 format SD inputs (single frame rate conversion)
• Computer graphic input, (DVI-I up to UXGA resolution) source is used for background display or for cascading multiple VIP modules together. Also can be used in place of the last video input as a scaled source

Audio Inputs
• Handles embedded, discrete unbalanced AES/EBU, and balanced analog audio (up to 16 AES and 4 L/R) via break-out panel
• VU/PPM level indicators

Video Output
• One DVI-I output - Drive a single DVI-D and a single RGBHV (VGA-type) display simultaneously with same content up to WUXGA (1920x1200 resolution)
• One selectable HD/SD serial digital (BNC) video output, same content as DVI-I output, or select from input
• Minimal processing delay (~1 frame)
• Optional fiber output (-G option)
• Optional support for "portrait" display via 2430GDAC-WARP
• Thumbnails of any or all selected inputs to VistaLINK® PRO thumbnail server (or equivalent) Graphics
• User-configurable tally indicators and configurable UMD static and/or dynamically updated text, background colors
• User configurable borders
• LTC input drives digital clock display
• Count-up or down timer displays (GPI triggered)

Signal Monitoring
• Extensive list of user-configurable signal fault conditions with "logic" settings
• Detects frozen video (patent pending) and black video
• User-configurable fault condition alert messages per video input with configurable background colors, thresholds and duration settings
• Closed caption presence detection Auxiliary Inputs
• RS-232/RS-422 communication port interface to common UMD protocols - TSL, Image Video
• 20 assignable GP inputs, 8 GP outputs

• Number of slots - 3
• Genlock reference input for proper timing - 1 NTSC/PAL
• Fast power-cycle time (< 3 seconds)

Network Management
• Built in VistaLINK® support for remote monitoring and control via SNMP (using VistaLINK® PRO)
• The 7767VIP module does not require a 7700FC VistaLINK® Frame Controller. A direct Ethernet connection to the network for VistaLINK® operations must be provided by the user
• Screen configurations via Maestro-VIP™ GUI software (included)
• Web browser interface allows for simple configuration without the need for additional software

VIP™ Status Monitoring and Fault Triggering Parameters
• Loss of video
• Active picture levels
• EDH errors
• Frozen video (AP and regionalized)
• Black video (AP and regionalized)
• Motion detection
• Video format detection
• Loss of audio channels
• Mono audio detection
• Phase reversal detection
• Audio too loud
• Audio too quiet
• Loss of closed captioning channels
• Loss of closed captioning waveform
• Loss of text channels
• Loss of program rating
• Source ID missing

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