Evertz 7772MFX-HD

Skrivet av superadmin tis, 2011-08-09 12:54

The 7772MFX-HD is a JPEG2000 SD & HD encoder and decoder card. The 7772MFX-HD is the most versatile JPEG2000 codec on the market. It offers variable JPEG2000 compression rate on SDI or ASI. The 7772MFX-HD can be reconfigured on the fly to be used as a JPEG2000 encoder or JPEG2000 decoder. The 7772MFX-HD also supports pass through of up to 4 AES groups (8 pairs) of audio embeddeded or can do the embedding of the audio. The card functions are controlled from the card edge or though the VistaLINK® interface.

The 7772MFX-HD is the perfect product to back haul or archive high quality contribution video with low end-to-end delay. The JPEG2000 offers superior quality than MPEG-2 codec without the MPEG-2 blocking artifacts.

• Supports 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/59.94, 720p/50, 480i/29.97, 576i/25
• Automatic detection of input format
• Handles up to 8 embedded AES pairs of audio (Pass through, no compression)
• Built in audio embedder/de-embedder
• All VANC & HANC passthrough

Additional Encoder Features
• Variable video Bitrate from 15 to 50Mb/s for SD and 65 to 160Mb/s for HD
• Offers control over encoding parameters for optimizing encoding depending on application
• SDI framing with embedded uncompressed audio
• ASI framing with JPEG2000 encapsulated as piped data
• VistaLINK® capable for remote monitoring via SNMP (using VistaLINK® PRO) when installed in 7800FR frame with a 7700FC VistaLINK® Frame Controller

Additional Decoder Features
• Audio delay processing to match video decompression delay
• Eight separate stereo unbalanced outputs