Evertz 7867VIPA8 (-16-32) -DUO

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Evertz Advanced "DUO" Output Compact Multi-image Display Processors

The VIP Advanced DUO is the most advanced compact multi-image display processor technology available. It supports up to 3Gb/s SDI inputs and up to two unique display outputs. The VIP-A DUO takes compact multi-image display to the next level.

The VIP-A DUO is available in three sizes: 8 inputs, 16 inputs and 32 inputs each with up to 2 outputs. The VIP-A DUO inputs are auto-sensing SD, HD, and 3Gb/s (SMPTE 424M). Each VIP-A DUO input can be displayed in any size, position or aspect ratio on any display. Both display outputs from the VIP-A DUO are provided over DVI and HD-SDI, which are available simultaneously. The VIP-A DUO provides the best quality input reproduction, borrowing the latest in video processing technology from Evertz® industry acclaimed conversion products.

The VIP-A DUO is a hot-swappable device, and which can be populated in Evertz® widely installed 3RU 7800 multi-frame chassis with an option for redundant power supplies.

• Accepts 8 (VIPA8-DUO), or 16 (VIPA16-DUO) or 32 (VIPA32-DUO) inputs with embedded audio
• Uses Evertz® next generation image processing technology, which is the same technology used in conversion products
• Auto-sensing HD/SD and 3Gb/s (SMPTE 424M) inputs (3G version)
• Supports display resolutions of up to 1920x1080p on both outputs simultaneously
• Allows for full screen viewing of any input on both outputs
• Supports both DVI and HD-SDI outputs (active simultaneously)
• Provides support for dynamic under monitor displays and tallies from router and switcher
• Supports advanced on screen graphics, including analog clocks, transparency control of objects, raised bezels and borders, drop shadows, and bitmap backgrounds
• Supports true type font including non-Latin alphabets
• Built-in graticule generator, user defined per window
• Enables the decoding and display of VITC/ATC (SMPTE 12M-1, 12M-2) Time Code
• Devices can be easily cascaded together to expand the total number of images on the displays
• Built-in video, audio, and data fault monitoring with on screen fault notification
• VistaLINK® -capable for configuration and monitoring via SNMP
• Minimal processing delay (1 frame)
• Real time control of display outputs via Maestro™

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