Evertz 8010TM

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Evertz SDI Time Code
Reader/Generator with Character Inserter

The 8010TM SDI Time Code Master is a full function time code reader/generator system for serial digital video. The 8010TM is a combination generator/reader for Linear Time Code (LTC) and Digital Vertical Interval Time Code (D-VITC), and contains a high resolution character inserter that can burn the generator or reader numbers directly into the digital program output as well as an optional analog monitoring output. A 16 digit alphanumeric display can be quickly delegated to show the required data.

The 8010TM will accept 525 or 625 line component digital video. The 8010TM's time code generator can be preset to lock to the digital program video either by simple frame locking, or where necessary it will colour lock to an analog Color Reference in accordance with the 4 field NTSC or 8 field PAL color sequence.

• Accepts 4:2:2 (525 and 625 line) digital video signals
• Serial digital video input provides automatic cable equalization on cable lengths up to 200 meters of low loss coax such as Belden 8281
• Optional bypass relay for program path protection on power loss
• Auxiliary serial digital video output (not bypass protected)
• Passes embedded audio and other ancillary data signals
• LTC and D-VITC Time Code Reader with line select
• LTC and D-VITC Time Code generator with line select
• Character Inserter displays reader & generator time and user bits in the picture
• Separate positioning of each character window
• 16 digit Alpha-numeric display, with 16 pushbuttons
• Serial Remote Control of most functions - Broadcasts reader data or sends it on request
• Rack mountable
• Momentary or continuous jam sync modes
• User bit transfer from reader time or user bits
• 25 Fps « 29.97 Fps SMPTE drop frame converter
• Optional composite monitor output converts digital video to analog
• GPI Remote Control mode allows user to pass remote control contact closure information in VITC user bits
• Recalculates EDH after VITC and character insertion
• Optional input bypass relay for power failure bypass protection
• Optional dual power supply configuration