Evertz 9000NCP2

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Evertz VistaLINK® Network Control Panel (2RU)

The 2RU 9000NCP2VistaLINK® Network Control Panel (NCP) is a low-powered, rack mounted control panel interfacing to VistaLINK® - capable frames and modules, allowing for real-time selection and configuration control of enabled parameters.

The 9000NCP2 NCP connects to the network via Ethernet and communicates via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). In its simplest network configuration, the NCP2 can be directly connected to a single frame via the frame controller using a cross-over network cable. In advanced systems, multiple NCPs can be connected within the same network, each capable of configuring all addressable parameters in every networked frame, or limited to a certain, user-defined set of frames, cards or parameters. With Evertz® VistaLINK® PRO server running on the same network, NCP units are further enabled with custom labels, preset quick-access configuration buttons and masking/privilege control.

• Low power, rack-mountable, 2RU control panel
• Two, 4-line, 24 alphanumeric digit per line vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) featuring very high brightness and widest viewing angles
• 44 illuminated, tactile and full-size quick access pushbuttons with four position and selector rotary controls (shaft encoders)
• Provides convenient and fast configuration access for up to 4 simultaneous proc controls via split-screen display feature
• Built-in Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) communication interface over Ethernet connection
• Operational configuration control of key VistaLINK® - capable product parameters (visit www.Evertz.com for updated list of modules and parameters)
• Quick access preset button, frame and card labels, and configuration privileges control available via VistaLINK®

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