Evertz AESIMP-12F & AESIMP-12M

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Evertz AES XLR to/from BNC Bulk
Impedance Converters

The AESIMP-12 series translators convert balanced 110Ù (twisted pair) digital audio signals to/from unbalanced 75Ù (coax) digital audio signals. The conversion is bi-directional regardless of XLR gender. The 1RU units support AES/EBU digital audio signals, with sampling rates ranging from 22kHz to 96kHz.

The AESIMP-12 series provides twelve XLR-3 type connectors (male or female) on the balanced side and BNC type connector on the unbalanced side. There are two versions of the AESIMP-12 available.

The rack mounting ears may be reversed to orient the panel for the greatest ease of installation. An identification strip holder is provided over the BNC connectors to assist in labelling sources and/or destinations.

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