Evertz HD9010TM-IRIG

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Evertz HDTV Time Code Master with IRIG Reader

The HD9010TM-IRIG HDTV Time Code Master with IRIG-B Reader is a full function time code reader/generator system for SMPTE 292M (1.5Gb/s) high definition serial digital video. The HD9010TM-IRIG is a combination generator/reader for SMPTE 12M-1 Linear Time Code (LTC) and SMPTE 12M-2 Ancillary Time Code (ATC), a reader for IRIG-B code, and a generator/reader of Vertical Ancillary Data (VANC) packets containing the IRIG-B code. The HD9010TM also contains a high resolution character inserter that can burn the generator or reader numbers directly into the serial digital program output.

The HD9010TM-IRIG reads IRIG-B code commonly in use within the United States government agencies and supporting private industries and provides a display of days, hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds in the character inserter. This IRIG information is inserted into a special ancillary data packet in the vertical ancillary data space (VANC) of the SMPTE 292M serial bitstream. This special VANC packet be decoded by the HD9010TM-IRIG's VANC reader to allow you to encode the IRIG information onto a 'clean' video tape and then display the IRIG information later on playback.

The HD9010TM-IRIG SMPTE Time code generator is output as LTC and ATC and can also be slaved to incoming IRIG serial time code. The millisecond count will be converted to the closest frame number and can also be stored in the generator user bits along with the IRIG day of the year. In the continuous jam sync mode, the generator is slaved to the IRIG-B reader, and will follow code any discontinuities of the reader. The generator may also be momentarily synchronised to the IRIG-B reader, and then it continues to increment normally regardless of the reader code. Momentary jam is the recommended mode when synchronising to IRIG-B sources so that the resulting SMPTE time code does not contain discontinuities due to the different time bases of 29.97 frame per second video and real time of the IRIG code. In NTSC related video systems, the SMPTE generator should be operated in the Drop Frame counting mode when trying to synchronise the SMPTE generator to IRIG.

The HD9010TM-IRIG SMPTE Time code generator can also be slaved to incoming LTC or ATC, or can be set to free run. The generator may also be momentarily synchronised to one of the readers, and then continue to increment normally regardless of the reader code. The second LTC output normally follows the primary output, however the two generators can be operated at different frame rates to supply both 24Fps and 30Fps time code when used in a 1080p/24 environment.

The high-resolution character inserter provides independently positionable windows to show time and user bits for the SMPTE generator and readers simultaneously. When the IRIG or VANC readers are operating in the IRIG DAY mode, there are two independently positionable windows for each reader to show the IRIG time to millisecond precision and the IRIG day respectively. The choice of white or black characters with or without contrasting background mask is available.