Evertz HD9626DSK

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Evertz High Definition Downstream Keyer

The Evertz HD9626DSK High Definition Downstream Keyer system incorporates the latest technology to provide an advanced fully digital keyer. The Evertz HD9626DSK is ideal for mixing key and fill HDTV signals in the "On-Air" environment. The system also features letter boxing, wipes, fades and more. The HD9626DSK provides storage and retrieval capabilities of several user setups and presets from the front panel, or from optional rackmount or desktop remote control panel. The HD9626DSK offers GPI control for fade and wipe transitions and RS-232/422 serial control from automation systems.

• Program output bypass protected for on-air applications (optional)
• Both mix and additive keying modes provided
• Auto-timing HDTV key, fill, and background inputs (up to 1 line)
• GPI and RS-232/422 inputs for fade/transition control
• Internal black generator for fade to black applications
• Built-in letter box generator for non 16x9 aspect ratio cropping
• Control of key gain and offset are provided
• 12-bit processing linear keying providing high quality results for both transparency and soft edges
• Full control and status is provided from the front panel display
• Level triggered programmable GPIs
• User programmable presets are provided
• Optional rack mount or desktop remote control panel
• Optional redundant power supply
• Optional bypass relay for program output

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