Evertz Overture Branding Software

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Evertz Media Creation & Management

All of Evertz® Logo-enabled keyer products ship with the Overture program used to create logo files for video insertion. This easy-to-use software can import graphic files created in the Tiff, Targe, BMP, GIF or JPG format from professional graphics programs and transfer them to the logo inserter. The software is a utility for converting existing files from RGB to the YCbCr or YPbPr format used in the video domain.

• Static or Animated: Static logos are fixed-position/fixed-transparency images. Animated logos have an active position and active transparency series of images displayed at any size up to full-screen. Duration of playout depends on storage size and playout memory installed.

• Analog or Digital Clock: The analog clock has a video-inserted rendering of a traditional wall clock, driven from an internal real-time clock or saved to the LTC input. The digital clock had video-inserted digital clock characters, rendered using the internal device CG. Time display options include HH:MM or HH:MM:SS - in 12 or 24-hour styles, Up and down counters are also included.

• Date & Temperature: Video-inserted date & ambient air temperatures are rendered using the internal device CG. Internal date values run from either internal real-time clock or slaved to the LTC output if date information is available. Great for re-broadcasting of date-specific material. Temperature display options include Celsius or Fahrenheit, with or without the degree symbol. Temperature logos require the purchase of the optional external temperature probe.

• Crawl Creation: Features include foreground/background color & transparency. Set the rate & display position, and have the data displayed using any True Type font. Crawls can automatically transfer and "fade-in" with the simple click of a button.

• Media Management: Drag-and-drop logo, wave, font and position files from the local PC, connected network space, or between channel branding devices. Files can be uploaded, downloaded, archived, or deleted using the easy "right-click" functionality.

• Play-out Control: "Right-click" displays a selection menu and allows for quick access to a host of features including the "fade-in" and "fade-out" functions. This allows media control from remote access points.

• Object Properties: "Right-click" on any EVL file to display the properties and view a thumbnail of the associated logo. Thumbnail views can be displayed from the connected device as well as on the local PC or network storage space. Properties displayed include H&V, gain, and clock parameters.

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