Evertz PKGHD9625SW

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Evertz HDTV Mini Master Control Switcher Package

The Evertz PKGHD9625SW Mini Master Control Switcher is an excellent addition to your High Definition control room. This dual unit solution incorporates the best switching technology with the proven transition and channel branding techniques that has brought Evertz to the forefront of Digital Television.

The Evertz PKGHD9625SW includes all the functionality found in our X Series Router, seamlessly married together with our advanced Logo Inserter and Downstream keyer. This complete system allows you to fully control up to 12 input video signals and up to 48 AES audio inputs. You can perform voice-overs, wipes, fades, fade to black and a host of other features, all from the convenience of the single remote control panel. This unit is fully automation enabled.

• 12 Input HD Video Switcher with Quad AES per HD video for discrete 5.1 Dolby
• Program/Preview Transition Mixer for HD video and up to 4 audio pairs
• Downstream keyer with mix and additive modes
• Variety of smooth Transitions including Cut, Fade, Fade to-from Black and 8 angles of Wipes
• EAS support - Emergency Alert Crawls from TFT or Sage systems
• HD Multiple Logo Inserter with Animation
• LTC input for digital or analog clocks
• Single Remote Control Panel for Router/Keyer/Logo functions
• Built-in Black Generator
• 12 Bit Video Processing
• Control of key gain & offset are provided
• Multiple Control Interface Options including GPI, RS-232, Rackmount Control Panel, Automation, M2100 mini control panel
• Built-in ±1/2 line autotimers for video
• "Pop" free AES Audio Switch with Evertz patented SoftSwitch™ Technology
• System comprised of two 1RU rack frames and a remote 1RU control panel
• Audio bypass mode for Dolby E
• Optional crawl for scrolling text messages
• Overture enabled

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