F. A. Bernhardt GmbH FT-DGS 4

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F. A. Bernhardt GmbH Teletext data generator

FAB Teletext Data Generator is used for transmission of teletext and teletext subtitles.

  • FAB Teletext Data Generator is delivered as a 19” 1U unit with analogue & 
  • SDI video in/out BNC connectors for broadcast quality teletext insertion.
  • A powerful client/server database is included and can be accessed from
  • Teletext Editing terminals via TCP/IP and modem/ISDNTransmission of
  • teletext EBU system B Level 1, Level 1.5 and Level 2.5 according to 
    international standard ETS 300706
  • Broadcast quality inserter for analogue and SDI video, BNC in/out with
    bypass relay in case of power, hardware or software failure
  • Monitor output with teletext only
  • Delivered with 19” 1U HP ProLiant DL360 Server with 2 hard disks as
    RAID1 Insertion of VBI lines 6 to 22, software selectable for odd/even fields
  • Insertion of VITS, VPS, WSS (Wide Screen Signalling) and VI
    (Video Index) / AFD (Active Format Description)
  • 8000 Teletext Pages for transmission
  • Transmission of FASTEXT, TOP, PDC
  • Transmission of teletext packets 0-31 (Data broadcast)
  • Alarm clock page / World time clock
  • Operation failure indication - automatic page transmission from
    pre-programmed static page generator
  • Hot Standby operation possible
  • Historic archive for up to 1 million teletext pages
  • Automatic execution of commands at specified times and days
  • Multilingual subtitles on multiple pages
  • TCP/IP connection
  • 4 GPI inputs for control of WSS/VPS insertion and other functions
  • Optional ISDN card

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