F. A. Bernhardt GmbH FT-ETTWIN 2.5 LITE

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F. A. Bernhardt GmbH Teletext Editor

FAB Teletext Editor for Windows 2000/XP/7. Lite Version - does not support TCP/IP connection to Teletext System

FAB Teletext Editor for Windows is a Windows based program for preparation
of teletext pages and transfer of teletext pages to the teletext system.

  • Running under Windows 2000 and Windows XP 
  • Supports all west, central and east European scripts including Greek
    and Cyrillic
  • Supports editing of Teletext Level 1, Level 1.5 and Level 2.5 excluding
    bitmaps and palettes.
    FAB HiLevel Editor is required for creation of bitmaps and palettes
  • Supports numerous file formats that enables preparation of teletext pages
    for teletext systems of other manufacturers: *.TTP, *.EP1, *.WSP, *.OVL,
    *.BIN, *.PGW, *.VTX, *.TPG, *.TTI, *.DTA, *.PAG, *.VTS, *.TED, *.TTV. *.TT, *.FIL.
  • All texts and menus in German, English, French and Spanish
  • Export of pages in JPEG and BMP format for direct use in the Internet 
  • Multiple windows with teletext pages can be open at the same time
  • Undo / Redo function for 20 steps for each window 
  • Word wrap and page wrap function. Page wrap is a word wrap function
    that works over multiple subpages
  • Select and move lines/blocks with mouse or keyboard. Cut, copy and paste text
  • The Windows clipboard is supported. Texts from other windows applications
    can be imported into a teletext page. If the text is too long it is automatically distributed to more subpages.
  • Easy drawing of teletext graphics with the mouse. Lines, rectangles and
    circles can be drawn.
  • Import of graphics in following formats: PCX, BMP, GIF, JPG, TGA
  • All Windows fonts can be used for drawing of large size text
  • Compatible with FAB and also teletext systems of other manufacturers 
  • Communication over serial lines, modem, ISDN and network.
  • Printing of teletext pages on all color and black and white printers supported
    by Windows.
  • Teletext attributes can be selected by mouse or by pressing function keys. The keyboard layout is configurable 
  • DLL for direct communication to the teletext system from user applications
    (i.e. Visual Basic, Delphi, Word, C++...)

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