F. A. Bernhardt GmbH FT-HILEVEL 2.5

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F. A. Bernhardt GmbH Teletext - Hi-Level Editor

FAB HiLevel Teletext Editor for Windows is a major part of a Level 2.5 Teletext System.
It allows visual development of Level 2.5 layouts and import of graphics from the Internet.

Teletext Level 2.5 is backwards compatible with Teletext Level 1 and Level 1.5.

The Teletext Level 2.5 specification defines following elements as parts
of a level 2.5 layout:

  • Objects are groups of attributes (Color, Font,...), characters and graphics
    (Logos) that can be set on any position of the teletext page and change
    the appearance of the Level 1 Layout.
  • On each teletext page DRCS characters can be defined on a pixel basis.
    Each DRCS character consists of 12x10 pixels. Up to 24 DRCS characters (dynamically redefined character set) can be used on each teletext page to
    form a graphic image or a logo.
  • On each teletext page 32 colors from a color palette can be used.
    16 colors of the color palette can be chosen from the main color palette
    out of 4096 colors.


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