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F. A. Bernhardt GmbH Sports Calculator

FAB Sports Calculator is a Windows programs that manages a database of sport
league results and automatically calculates the table that is calculated from the
results of one season.
The program displays three screens:

  • Previous results
    Calculated from results which have been entered before the current round
  • Rounds
    Allows entering new results for the current round
  • Current results
    Displays the table which is calculated from results which have been newly
    entered in the "Rounds"
    The calculated table can be printed out or exported. The export is done by
    a program written in the FAB EDL Interpreter which allows exporting it in
    various formats including text files and teletext pages.

By using FAB EDL Interpreter you are able to configure the export in almost any
required way by simply changing the EDL program which is supplied as source
code in a text file.

A license for FAB EDL Interpreter is required to receive support for EDL programming.
The program allows configuring rules for each sport type like football, basketball,
judo and more.

Each league then uses the rules for calculation of the table that is calculated from
the results.

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