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F. A. Bernhardt GmbH TV-Guide Editor

FAB TV-Guide Editor manages a TV programme database for up to 50 TV channels.
It allows very easy entering of TV programme listings and automatic generation of
teletext pages out of the database.

The TV-Guide editor is a proven solution that may save up to 90% of time that is
required for generation of TV Programme teletext pages in a regular way.

  • File based database, SQL Server is not required. In general the FT-NC 2.5 FAB Teletext Network Controller is used as a file server for hosting the database.
  • Multi-user capable, multiple users can edit the same database at the same time
  • Up to 50 TV channels - Windows based configuration tools
  • Windows based TV listing entry
  • Programme shift / move function
  • "What you see is what you get" preview of teletext pages generated for a specific day/time
  • Manual / Automatic import from other database formats (CSV).
  • When importing from other formats all changes are automatically displayed and highlighted: New/Changed/Deleted programmes.
  • Windows based configuration tool
  • What's on now/next page
  • TV listing page: pages for today's TV programme, tomorrow, next 7/14 days
  • Contents pages: pages for programme contents (i.e. film descriptions).
    The page number of the generated teletext page is automatically displayed
    also on the TV listing pages (see above)
  • Existing programme data can be imported if available in CSV files

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