F. A. Bernhardt GmbH Teletext Network Controller

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 F. A. Bernhardt GmbH Teletext - Basic Products

FAB Teletext Network Controller is a Windows NT/2000/7 based database for
teletext pages.

It is an ideal extension for customers that are already using one or more
FAB Teletext Data Generators because the database contains a number
of open interfaces that are not available in the Teletext Data Generator.

The main idea of the Network Controller is to hold a database of teletext pages
that are automatically distributed to Teletext Data Generator(s) whenever the
page is changed in the database.

The main enhancement when compared to the Data Generator is that customers
that wish to publish information or advertise in teletext are now able to deliver data
directly over the Internet and that teletext can be exported in HTML/WML/WAP
format to the Internet.

FAB Teletext Network Controller is the only available integrated solution that
creates a bi-directional link between the Teletext and the Internet.

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