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6010A Bi-Amplified Loudspeaker System

The new Genelec 6010A is an extremely compact two-way active loudspeaker
designed for computer sound systems and other close proximity listening
Its small size, amazing sound quality and rugged construction make the 6010A
an ideal sound system for the traveling professional user and a constant
source of listening enjoyment. The 6010A excels in applications where space
is at a premium, taking full advantage of the innovations and unconventional
design features created by Genelec.

Designed by Genelec’s R&D team in co-operation with internationally acclaimed
Finnish designer Harri Koskinen, the active 6010A contains its own power
amplifiers, active crossover filters and automatic protection circuitry. RCA line
level audio connectors provide direct connection to a computer sound card,
portable MP3 player or preamplifier.

The cast-aluminium Minimum Diffraction Enclosure™ (MDE™) and advanced
Directivity Control Waveguide™ (DCW™) technologies are carefully matched
with advanced amplifier and electronics circuitry and the latest drivers.

Bass response extends down to 73 Hz (-3 dB) while distortion is exceptionally
low due to a uniquely new rear reflex port design.

The system's excellent directivity characteristics and accurate imaging together
with its compact size and flexible mounting options make the 6010A the perfect
loudspeaker for a wide range of applications.

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