Hi Tech Systems actiV Loader

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Hi Tech Systems - actiV Loader

actiV Loader is an integrated Windows based application that accepts and
translates industry-standard format play-lists and makes them available for
use on the actiV Filer control panels.
In addition, it allows both imported and actiV Filer-originated lists to be held
in a PC.
This is the key to a range of further possibilities including backup, distribution
and checking contents outside the usual panel and automation environments.

The actiV Loader provides a quick and straightforward way of loading the
day's play-list from the automation system into the actiV Filer control panel.
This removes the need for operators to manually re-create play-lists on
the control panel and it ensures 100 percent accuracy.

Play-lists from the automation system are accepted in the industry-standard
Harris automation protocol. If these include secondary events for features
such as character generation, DVE and mixing, they are filtered out to
produce a list that can be run by actiV Filers offering cut clip-to-clip transitions.

After conversion, the translated file contains the following information:
• Translated file name
• Clip ID (the actual clip name as stored on the server)
• Start of message time code (START)
• Duration of clip (DURATION)

Up to 249 clips can be listed in one play-list. Larger lists are accommodated
by automatically flowing into another of up to 10 play-lists.
The original imported file name is used to create a name for the play-list.

In addition to handling third-party play lists, the actiV Loader can also transfer
clip information to and from actiV Filers and display it on a Windows PC.

Using common PC applications the information can be stored and retrieved
from an actiV list file (*.alf) for backup purposes.

Wider access to play-list information is then available as any PC users,
even those without automation software, are then able to view, copy and
print play lists.