Hi Tech Systems Cart Box Edit

Skrivet av superadmin fre, 2011-09-09 08:04

Hi Tech Systems - Cart Box Edit

Cart Box Edit is an integrated Windows based application for composing, revising
and viewing shot lists before loading them into the Hi Tech Cart Box.

The software allows clips stored on a server to be dragged onto "shot keys" for
instant clip play out.

The interface resembles that of the Hi Tech Cart Box, clips can be imported into
actiV Edit from a number of sources - the server itself, downloaded from an
automation list or from clips or cues created on the actiV Filer.
Clips are selected individually or in groups using the mouse and dragged across
to the shot buttons.

The shot buttons instantly update to show the new assignments.
Shots are arranged in one of 10 shot lists, each containing up-to 70 shots
arranged on any of 4 playback channels.

Shot lists can be saved and copied to other applications such as spreadsheets
and word documents.

The Cart Box is effective for any server application that requires instant access
to pre-recorded video material including master control, news, game shows,
sports shows, and talk/variety shows.

With the new actiV Edit, operators can quickly assign items to Cart Box keys,
then load and play clips as required.