Hi Tech Systems Cue Box

Skrivet av superadmin fre, 2011-09-09 08:09

Hi Tech Systems - Cue Box

For sports that demand cues to be stored with meaningful descriptive names
to assist the operator, then the Cue Box is essential.

Connected to the actiV Filer the Cue Box creates cue points with names that
conform to user-defined categories, that are added as part of the cue definition.

Each key on the cue box is pre-programmed with a text description and action
to create a cue "on the fly" while the clip is being recorded or played back.

Cues are reference points into a clip and consist of a name, the start time
code point and the end time code point.

The server can be controlled by the actiV Filer and the Cue Box at the same time.