Hi Tech Systems HT211

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altuS - Single VTR Control

The HT201 (no display) and 211 single machine controllers are stylish
and cost effective.

They have a small footprint console and are ideally suited for use in
cluttered production areas.

A custom designed heavy metal jog/shuttle wheel and transport keys
with status LEDs provide smooth and accurate machine control.
The units have a built in power supply rated at 100-230V.

Controller Features HT211

  • Controls large range of VTRs and Disk systems
  • Single machine control
  • Mark key to store a total of 6 cue location points
  • Access the stored points using dedicated buttons on the panel
  • Crash record mode
  • Play and Record lock - prevents accidental stopping of device
  • Internal beeper to alert warnings (off line, cassette out etc).
  • New software is distributed through the Hi Tech website, allowing
    convenient upgrades (using a PC)
  • Keyboard interface for the connection of a shot box or keyboard -
    future enhancment
  • High brightness fluorescent display
  • Mark In and Mark Out keys to store a total of 100 in and 100 out
    cue location points 
  • Programmable cueing modes (cue + stop, cue + play)
  • Display time duration between Mark in and Mark out points 
  • Programmable jog, shuttle and variable sensitivity of the wheel,
    for operator preference and VTR type

VTRs controlled:
All VTRs that support the standard Sony RS422 9 pin control protocol.

Servers controlled:
All servers that support Odetics RS422 9 pin control protocol.

Serial connectors: RJ45 - 8 pin sockets.

PS2 - PC-keyboard interface

Power inpt:up: Fused IEC connector. 

Power: 90 - 250 VAC 47- 63Hz (5 watts).

Operating Temp: 0 - 35 Deg C.

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