Hi Tech Systems HT212

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altuS - Dual VTR Control

HT212 - dual machine Compact VTR Controller.
Hi Tech Systems is proud to announce the exciting new HT212 compact controller.

Having a small footprint, this 2-machine controller for VTRs and Disk
recorders is designed for busy production areas.

The HT212 VTR and disk Controller, designed for speedy and convenient
control of VTR and disk based systems.

Controller features

  • Controls large range of VTRs and Disk systems
  • Keyboard interface for the connection of a shot box or keyboard -
    future enhancment
  • Mark In and Mark Out keys to store a total of 100 in and 100 out
    cue location points 
  • Access the stored points using dedicated buttons on the panel 
  • Programmable cueing modes (cue + stop, cue + play)
  • Simultaneous two machine control 
  • Programmable jog, shuttle and variable sensitivity of the wheel,
    for operator preference and VTR type
  • Play and Record lock - prevents accidental stopping of device
  • Large high visibility vacuum fluorescent display for time code
    and data information
  • Internal beeper to alert warnings (off line, cassette out etc)
  • New software is distributed through the Hi Tech website, allowing
    convenient upgrades (using a PC). And Disk systems

VTRs controlled:
All VTRs that support the standard Sony RS422 9 pin control protocol.

Servers controlled:
All servers that support Odetics RS422 9 pin control protocol.

Serial connectors: RJ45 - 8 pin sockets.

PS2 - PC-keyboard interface

Power input: Fused IEC connector. Power: 90 - 250 VAC 47- 63Hz (5 watts).

Operating Temp: 0 - 35 Deg C.

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