Hi Tech Systems HT445s

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HT445s  -  actiV Sports Slo-Mo Controller

The actiV Sports Controller offers versatile control of video servers for the
coverage and packaging of live broadcasting events that require instant
replay in slow motion, as well as at full speed.
It is optimised for live multi-channel control of video servers.

The actiV Sports Controller panel not only looks good but is also packed
with the features you need for precise hands-on operation of recording
and slow motion replays.

The result is smooth motion replay and the crucial frame accuracy that is
essential for sports coverage - which makes Hi Tech Sports controllers
the choice for broadcast operations around the world.

HT445s actiV Sports features

  • Smooth, accurate slow motion with T-bar control
  • ‘Trick’ Keys store/recall more data for instant access to wider control
  • Multi-channel control for a wide range of industry servers, VTRs and
    disk recorders
  • VTR-style transport controls for ease of use
  • Programmable jog, shuttle and variable wheel sensitivity to best
    suit operational preferences
  • Store and recall 2,000 clips and cue points
  • Fast access to cues via keystrokes of VTR controls
  • Multi-angle cueing and slow motion replay with ganged
    record/playback channels
  • In/out trimming, non-destructive editing and clip scanning
  • Back-to-back replay of clips to create a highlights spot reel
  • Soft keys for direct access to the most important functions
  • Clip list, playlist and disk catalogue views
  • Scroll wheel for fast access to clips and cues
  • The on-screen monitor display (OSD) shows clip status and
    confirms actions 
  • Numeric keypad for fast and efficient number entry for each
    clip selection and editing
  • On-panel high contrast 5½-inch graphic display extends control
    and feedback 
  • Eight programmable trigger inputs and outputs.

Ergonomically designed control panel with jog/shuttle wheel and T-bar for
smooth slow motion replays which are fast, easy and reliable.

‘Trick’ Keys store/recall more data for instant access to wider control,
and the numeric keypad allows fast recall of cues or timecode points.

3 or 4 camera record channels and 1 or 2 playback channels
(programme and preview/edit).

Up to 2000 cues can be created ‘on the fly’ to create a cue list. Quickly
and easily mark, save and recall cues with just a few keystrokes.

Live jog mode switches live action to playback - for instant action replay.
Gang any of the selected record and playback channels to provide multi-angle
cueing and slow motion replay.

Slow motion replays can be scanned and then cued as soon as the replay
start point is defined.
Multiple cues can be loaded to the same timecode position as a
nominated cue.
Once loaded the two synchronised cues can both be replayed at variable
speed, allowing operators to compare action - e.g. to see a finish from
several different camera angles or again, to provide a fill and key replay.

Compile up to ten separate playlists for broadcast when the event is over.
Create and edit playlists while the event is still being recorded.

Mark points using the optional Cue Box to create meaningful cue or clip
names for compiling highlight reels or play lists.

Cue Box is a fully customisable keypad: programme any of its 128 keys
from the actiV Sports to build a list of field descriptions, eg competitor's
name, action (goal or crash), vehicle type etc.
Then with a few button presses, the clip list contains cues or clips which
fully describe each event.Applications: Sports events in stadiums.
Outside broadcasts. Studio sports production.

Individual programmability of each serial port: eg record only, play only,
and play and record. NB this feature is dependent on server type.

Clip List displays clip ID, timecode start and duration. Up to 2,000 clips
can be accessed and played back instantly using the actiV Sports
scroll wheel.

Multi-legend electronic keys display clip name and duration - with a
countdown as clips are played. A highlighted key clearly indicates the
selected video channel.
The key changes colour for different functions; e.g. green for play, red for record.

Multi-legend buttons (40 characters, 64 colours) hugely extend the
practical use of the control panels.
E.g. a timeline to show clip duration and position is displayed within the button.

Operational enhancements are available through the Hi Tech website,
allowing convenient software upgrades via a PC.

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