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actiV Cart Box

The actiV Cart Box turns a video server into a multi-channel cart machine. With its straightforward operator interface, it mimics the operation of the familiar Betacart operator's control panel with access to 100s of pre-recorded video clips. The actiV Cart Box is effective for any sever application that requires instant access to pre-recorded video material including, news, game shows, sports shows, talk/variety shows and master control.

It can run multiple play lists, loops, individual or fill & key clips. Clips are prepared to play on specific channels and assigned to programmable shot keys arranged in 10 banks. The actiV Cart Box controls VTRs with easy frame-accurate transfer from tape to disk & vice versa. Unbelievably fast to use and easy to learn, there is no better device for hands-on server control than the actiV Cart Box

HT446 actiV Cart Box Features
• Shot lists arranged in 10 banks each bank has instant access to 70 clips.
• 10 playlists each of up to 249 entries.
• Each video clip name and other information is displayed on individual shot keys.
• Controls up to 4 channels plus VTR or data device.
• Play, Freeze and Re-cue buttons for each channel.
• Large easy to use keys.
• Record with auto new clip name increment and auto key assign.
• Jog wheel for previewing and adjusting clip.
• Uses soft keys to program and organise clips in easily accessible locations.
• Assigns each clip to a button and play-out channel.
• IN/OUT trimming, nondestructive editing, clip scan (jog)
• Replay up to four clips on five separate channels on one key for multi channel playback (e.g. fill and key clips).
• Clip names and countdown timecode are displayed on the graphic display and on-screen display (OSD).
• 8 programmable trigger inputs and outputs (GPs) (Optional)

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