Hi Tech Systems HT634

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1U rack mountable panel with 10 x LCD keys, 2 pages + wheel

A unique configurable computer applications control panel. The asigN range of
panels is designed for the control of GUI applications on one or multiple computers
from one robust hardware panel, giving specific control functions to the operator.

asigN can work alongside traditional keyboards, mice and touch screens or replace
them entirely.

For equipment that doesn't have a GUI, electrical interfaces are provided for serial,
ethernet, contact closure and USB. A simple communication protocol is available.

An associated software package allows the user to configure the panel to control
Windows control buttons or sliders by a simple drag and drop method. Using a
number of patented methods including visual recognition and pattern mapping,
almost any GUI can be controlled.

The panels LCD switches are fully configurable with colour, text, icon, and a wealth of operational switch functions. Interface to the computer(s) is via serial or ethernet and
there are currently four panels in the range - three desktop consoles and a 19" rack
mount unit.

  • Serial RS422: For connection to a single computer or other hardware device.
  • General Purpose Interface GPI: One or two GPI modules can be used, each providing 24 programmable contact closures and 24 programmable electrical drivers that are allocated to the LCD keys in addition to any Windows function allocated. The i-asigN software allows easy GPI allocation and also provides
    a map of GPIs and associated LCD keys. Connection is made via a high
    density “SCSI” connector.
  • USB: The panels appear as a Human Interface Device keyboard. and can
    interface to a PC or a MAC.
  • Ethernet; The panels have an IP address allowing control of multiple devices
    on a network.

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