Hi Tech Systems HT884

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Multi Controllers - 4 VTRs
A new range of Dynamic VTR Controllers. These offer direct control of 4 or 8 VTRs
for jog, shuttle, cue and play operations. The new controllers feature improved
ergonomics for the control panels.

HT800 Controller Features:

  •  Versions available for control of 4 or 8 VTRs
  • 2 machine editing capability, assemble and insert (including track
    selection and adjustable frame delay), record inhibit and crash record
  • Mark In and Mark Out keys to store a total of 99 in and 99 out cue location points. 
  • Programmable cueing modes (cue + stop, cue + play, cue + loop and
    VTR 1 play to end linked to start VTR 2)
  • Display time duration between Mark in and Mark out points
  • Simultaneous multi machine control
  • Programmable jog, shuttle and variable sensitivity of the wheel, for
    operator preference and VTR type
  • Programmable VTR device labels - (label displayed on the display)
  • Play and Record lock - prevents accidental stopping of device 
  • Control panel keyboard lock - prevents unauthorised operation 
  • 4 programmable trigger inputs and outputs
  • Loop control ("loop through”) from another control panel to any of the
    connected VTRs
  • Controls large range of VTRs and Disk systems
  • Device id – controller identifies the VTR name on the display
  • Large high visibility vacuum fluorescent display for time code and data information
  • ON-AIR tally indicator. • Internal beeper to alert warnings
    (off line, cassette out etc)
  • New id software is distributed through the Hi Tech website, allowing
    convenient upgrades (using a PC)
  • Range of options including flight case, relay GPI interface and
    technical manual

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