Hi Tech Systems HT884s

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HT884s Slow Motion controller

The HT800s series are versatile production controllers for the coverage and
packaging of live broadcasting events, that require instant replay in slow motion.

The HT800s series Slow Motion Controller has been optimised for controllable
instant slow motion replay for DDRs (disk recorders) and VTRs.

Control of 2 or 4 record/playback pairs DDRs disk mode, or 4 or 8 VTRs in
VTR mode.
Customise features and functions for specific applications.
Customisable speed ranges for the jog/shuttle wheel and T-bar.
All settings and cues retained when power is turned off.

Ergonomically designed control panel with jog/shuttle wheel and T-Bar for
smooth slow motion replays which are fast, easy and reliable.
Numeric keypad is available for recalling cues or time code points.

Up to 250 cues can be created on the fly to create a cue list. Quickly and easily
mark, save and recall cues with just a few keystrokes. “Last”, “next” and
“previous” keys provide instant access replays.

“Live” jog mode switches live action to playback - for instant action replay.
The operator can gang any of the selected record and playback channels to
provide multi angle cueing and slow motion replay possible.

Replay your cues back to back to create a highlights “spot reel”. Cues can
be re-trimmed with new in and out points.
Simultaneous record and playback for rapid access of just-recorded events.

In disk mode each record channel (up to 4) is set to “endless recording” mode.
At the same time each playback channel (up to 4) is available for playback from
any position from the record channels.

With one key press the operator can mark a cue point on the record channel
and cue the playback channel for instant slow motion replay without stopping
the recording.

HT800 Controller Features:

  • HT800s versions are available for control of 4 or 8 VTRs or 2 or 4
    dual-channel DDRs
  • Live jog mode cues playback to record end point for instant replay
    (DDR mode)
  • Mark In and Mark Out keys to store a total of 250 cue location points 
  • Programmable cueing modes (cue + stop, cue + play, cue + loop and
    “spot reel” creation)
  • Latching or none latching fast-forward and rewind options
  • Number keypad for entering and recalling cue locations and time code
  • “T” bar shuttle mode
  • Programmable pre roll time from 1 – 100 seconds
  • Freeze on last good video (VTR mode)
  • Programmable jog, shuttle and variable sensitivity of the wheel and T bar,
    for operator preference and DDR / VTR type
  • Play and Record lock - prevents accidental stopping of device
  • 4 programmable trigger inputs and outputs (GPIs) (Optional)
  • Loop control ("loop through”) from another control panel to any of the
    connected DDRs/VTRs
  • High visibility vacuum fluorescent display for time code and cue information
  • ON-AIR tally indicator
  • Internal beeper to alert warnings (off line, cassette out etc)

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