IDS Remora 3

Skrivet av ons, 2014-08-27 13:51


The IDS Remora 3 (R3) is a compact powerful display processor,
capable of delivering HD 720P video. As an integrated component
of IDS, it delivers content to all the displays on your IDS network.
The compact device is housed in a rugged alloy enclosure and
attaches discreetly to the rear of your display using the universal
mounting bracket supplied. It connects to your network via Ethernet
meaning that installation is quick and painless.
Management of the unit is straightforward, using IDS Core or via a
USB keyboard plugged in directly. It supports DHCP for automatic
acquisition of IP address, but can be configured manually for a
static IP if required.
Attach the R3 to any display connected to your IDS network for an NTP
synchronised display system. It is especially suited to noise-sensitive
environments due to its passive cooling.
Any number of units can be installed on your system.